hucha para billetes _ 2009

Yes, you read that correctly, we have devised a piggy bank that only serves to save bills (that is, to really save). This unique piggy bank with a traditional appearance allows you to save money safely because you only have to insert the rolled banknotes in the shape of a string through its single and small hole and thanks to the elastic properties of the paper they unroll a little and you have no other way to get them out more than giving it a sharp blow … or whatever ending occurs to you.

Made in a completely handmade way, they are turned one by one by hand by Juan Carlos Iñiesta (Domanises), a master ceramist from Manises (Valencia), so we also contribute to the maintenance of traditional crafts in danger of extinction.

It is a natural ecological product since no chemical product is used in its manufacturing process and hardly any energy is consumed in its cooking. It is made 100% in clay so when its useful life ends you can spread its remains around the field as it is an abundant element in nature.

Logically they can be customized, as we can put your brand or logo with a stamp. Another original gift with which to surprise and entertain your best clients.

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Publicada en el Bianuario V de la ADCV