la toallisima _ publips 2014

Designed together with the Publips agency, Amstel’s Toallísima is an invention, the result of the union of great creative talents…, a clear example of how fun this job can be, the pinnacle of multifunctional recreational objects.

La Toallísima is everything you could ask for in a beach towel and more. A masterpiece of modern engineering. The sum of 2 devices: a reversible towel and a cooler hat.

The towel logically serves to dry off, but … why is it shaped like a trapeze? Well, because with 12 units you can create a circular beach meeting for colleagues (and why not make a bonfire in the center on San Juan night), since it incorporates some velcro that allow you to join other “very towels” …,

And that hole? … it has several uses … to put your head in and use it to protect your body, as it is reversible and has a fire-retardant side, ideal as an apron for barbecues or paellas …, or to attach the fridge hat, ideal for keeping beers cool on the beach…

A cooler hat? (or a refrigerator hat … hehehehe) … yes … As you hear …, a fun hat for parties …, what …. moreover…, its cover is a fun textile frisbee that can save your life if you get lost in the mountains, because it allows you to make light signals on its bright side.

One of my first designs for the exciting world of advertising… Impossible without Fran and Ana.

Protagonist of the Amstel beer summer campaign 2014

Premio Oro Marketing Directo y Promocional, Festival La Lluna 2014