a triple!!!

paper basket _ 2015

Now it’s time for a little bit of self-promotion, our fun self-promotional gadget-toy, our ingenious board to turn trash cans into basketball baskets… It’s super fun to play the best of three triples who have to make coffee in the studio… Javier, Carlos, Carol , Samuel … well you know …

Make a few paper pellets (a few are generated here…) and… to have some fun, not everything is gigs, don’t say I don’t do sports… the ‘paperbasket’ is in fashion in the studio… A thousand thanks to Manipulado Deyto Deyto for betting on our design, an apostolic joke, as fun as it is simple, once again made of a single piece of polypropylene that acts as a clamp and support. It has the right tension and allows you to print your designs on it in full color.
This ingenious item fits most wastebaskets on the market. It can be made of cardboard or polypropylene and of course with your brand or logo.

In this case I enclose some great graphic designs by way of example, by our close collaborator Carlos Gil, a possible version for Barcelona and another with my own logo.

Set your best triple !!!