tancador + entreplat _ the woman of the president 2021

The icing on the cake of a fun advertising campaign for Amstel that was focused on one of the things that we Valencians like the most: lunchtime.

We were commissioned by The President’s Woman to create these unique gadgets: the tanker and the entreplat.

The tancador is a kind of bridle / sash that allows you to close even the most “gluttonous” sandwich, because who has not ever come up preparing a sandwich full of delicacies that is disassembled just as you eat it? The tanker helped you fix all the content while measuring the diameter of such a culinary feat.

The entreplat is an extendable plate that grows with your sandwich. It can be tiny for those days when you only order half a sandwich and as big as the whole bar for the day you skip your diet like a champion. Of course yes , you are worth it ; )

Neither would have been possible without the involvement of the good people at Qdisein.